Adaa Training Program for Government Entities employees

Service  Descrption :

A set of training courses in different fields such as  management, strategic planning and performance management which aims to provide the trainees with knowledge and required skills in order to enhance their understanding of the interconnection between strategic management and key performance indicators.

Target Group :

Employees of public entities whose performance is measured and monitored their KPIS and initiatives.

Steps To Provide The Service :

  1. Announcement.
  2.  Nomination. 
  3. Validation.
  4. Pre Assessment.
  5. Training. 
  6. Survey.
  7. Post Assessment.
  8. Certification. 
  9. Secand post assessment for non passed trainee.

The Conditions and Requirements for Obtaining the Service :

Service will be provided after nomination by the government entities .

Channels providing the Service :

Adaa Learning Management Systems.

The time taken to obtain the Service :

14 Days