BI Self-Services Platforms

Service  Descrption :

This service allows easy access to all performance data for the reporting government through a self-use platform directly.

Target Group :

Employees of public entities whose performance is measured and monitored their KPIS and initiatives.

Steps To Provide The Service :

The data is presented by a standardized integrated portal for data entry from the entities the data is processed, analyzed, measured and monitored for use, the agreed measurable data is placed in the platforms for self-reporting use.

The Conditions and Requirements for Obtaining the Service :

Create an external request from the entity to the Performance Measurement department, create an internal request by PM to the Department of Analysis and Business Intelligence clarifying the requirements of the Self-Services platform and the desired benefit from it.
It is required that the entity has ADAA card or a prior agreement with ADAA.

Channels providing the Service :

Adaa Integrated Platform

The time taken to obtain the Service :

The Averge 7 Days