Maturity Assessment

Service  Descrption :

A service provided by Adaa to Public entities, which assesses the entities current level and provides criteria to increase the maturity level. The entity will be required to do a self assessment which contains a survey with multiple questions, each question has 5 levels, which include one or more criteria. If the assessment type is deep dive assessment, the entity will need to upload supporting documents to verify the answers. Then Adaa will proceed with the assessment and issue the report.

Target Group :

Employees of public entities.

Steps To Provide The Service :

  1. Register email account for the entity – By ADAA.
  2. Recive the registeration email – By the entitiy.
  3. Account activation- By the entity.
  4. Log in the platform- By the entity.
  5. Complete the assessment – By the entity.

The Conditions and Requirements for Obtaining the Service :

The entity should be one of the on boarded entities – there might be an exception due to agreements.

Channels providing the Service :

Maturity Assessment Platform.

The time taken to obtain the Service :

One year.