ADAA Integrated Platform

Service  Descrption :

Adaa Integrated platform, AIP, is the core operations platform that Adaa use for reporting entities’ performance measurement services. The platform allows Adaa to manage strategies, objectives, KPIs and initiatives where entities submit the progress of their strategies on monthly and quarterly basis and Adaa generate reports and drive insights to decision makers.

Target Group :

Public Entities.

Steps To Provide The Service :

  1. User to login.
  2. Navigate and submit new request (Create KPI, KPI CR, Submit KPI actual, Create initiative, Initiative CR, Collect initiative progress).
  3. Review request by entity advisor and quality assurance.
  4. Approve request and publish new data.

The Conditions and Requirements for Obtaining the Service :

  1. Government entity.
  2. Contributing entity in any program related to the vision.
  3. Entity owning a KPI assigned by a royal decree.
  4. Supporting government entity – SMO, BSR …

Channels providing the Service :

Adaa Integrated Platform

The time taken to obtain the Service :

One Month