Beneficiary Experience (BEX)


Among Adaa objectives to support the process of improving and developing public services by measuring the quality of provided services and beneficiaries satisfaction level, the center has developed a methodology to measure beneficiaries’ satisfaction relying on four measurement tools.

BEX Measurement Tools


A set of questions to be developed in a systematic and specific manner to measure the quality of public services provided by public entities. It aims to evaluate the level of the government entity service center and level of services provided, and identify opportunities for improvement and development.

Mystery Shoppers

Periodic and confidential visits by qualified persons to the service centers of public entities. The objective is to carry out impartial evaluations on the level of service centers and services provided by public entities, and identify opportunities for improvement and development.

Focus Groups

Group workshops held for beneficiaries and aimed at specific or several entities, to discuss and identify the main challenges beneficiaries face, and understand their expectations regarding the quality of government services. These workshops will help provide opportunities to improve and develop government services provided.

Watani Application

Watani enables beneficiaries to transparently evaluate the quality of government services, and determine their satisfaction level. Through Watani, beneficiaries can search for the best government service centers, based on the views and experiences of other beneficiaries. For more information visit Watani website or follow Watani social media platforms @WataniAPP


BEX Measurement Levels


Beneficiary Experience: Evaluating beneficiary’s satisfaction level on all producers while requesting a service from a public entity.

Service Center: Evaluating beneficiary’s satisfaction level on the service center whether the beneficiary received the service online or by visiting the service center.

Government body: Evaluating beneficiary’s satisfaction level on the government body as a whole.

Provided service: Evaluating beneficiary’s satisfaction level on the level of the provided service.


BEX Standards


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