Enablement and Capability Development

The National Center for Performance Measurement developed an approach with the objective of enabling public entities in Performance Management and Measurement, increasing their efficiency, and providing support in managing their performance, targeting different organizational levels within the entities. In addition, Enablement approach is looking to unify performance measurement standards through integrated efforts with public entities, embedding a culture of performance measurement and enabling public entities to measure their performance and strive to excellence.

Enablement’s Strategic Objectives


1. Communication: Increased awareness on the concept of performance management and Adaa national standards.
2. Diagnosis: Transparency on the performance management maturity of entities and their gaps.
3. Design Framework: A widely adopted and harmonized performance management framework / national standards and methodology.
4. Performance Management: An existing performance-based culture within entities.
5. Capabilities Building: An established core / community of performance management savvy civil servants.

Key Beneficiaries

Enablement domain


 Entity enablement and capabilities development through three main aspects: